Friday, December 23, 2011

The Best Very Last Minute Gift

Some stores we feature at are still offering holiday delivery. Igigi has overnight shipping for $9.99, mostly geared toward helping you be ready for New Years Eve!

I recommend, for the ultimate last minute gift:
The Amazon Gift Card! Use this Amazon Gift Card to go straight to it!

You will not regret it. I got one of these on November 3rd, and I am still enjoying it!

You can email it to your friends or loved ones. If you want you can call them to wish them a happy holiday, and let them know there’s a little something from you in their email from you! There are plenty of ways to present it, but at the last minute, email is speedy!

Most of the stores I like are having excellent sales!
icon and the like!

For the best and easiest, (How often are qualities like Best and Easiest COMBINED?), I strongly recommend the Amazon Gift Card.
Mostly because:
  • Amazon has something, or many things, but no less than one thing for everyone!
  • Also, because I am still enjoying mine!
  • The person you give it to can use it for big or lots of small stuff, their choice!
Have a very Happy Holiday!

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