Thursday, October 09, 2008

New Large Cup Bras colors and sales!

AquaMarine, thanks for the tip about going up a cup size when going from full cup to balcony styles. This might solve a fit problem I have in some styles! And Bare Necessities Does have Panache Harmony balcony large cup bras on sale for just $37 in its cornflower color! Bare Necessities also has Fantaise’s Olivia large cup bras in this new color shown here. They have it in both large cup bra sizes up to 38J and 40 GG, as well as in full figure bra sizes up to 40D to G!

If you click on its picture nothing much will happen. I could not get that sort of picture link for this bra, so it must be pretty new in this color. Sadly these beautiful bras are not on sale in either, (It comes in Cappuccino too), color yet. All the more reason to use Bare Necessities’ 10% off Full Figure Bras banner in the right column here when shopping for this bra.

Possibly owing to its price, I only 2 each reviews of this bra at Her Room (Coupons and Special Offers at, and, in half of which Up Lift features strongly, one from a women who wears a J cup bra. I hope it goes on sale in the near future so I can try it!

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