Wednesday, November 14, 2007

High and Low priced form fitting Plus Size Special Occasion Dress and Suit

Glamour magazine, on page 126 of their December issue suggests form fitting dresses for us full figure women. They actually recommend this Onxy Nite Stretch Satin Dress pictured below. It’s currently on sale at Silhouettes for just $59!

A dress Glamour magazine recommends for full figure women,
Onyx Nite Stretch Satin Dress
Onyx Nite ® Stretch Satin Dress

It’s still available in :
  • Black 12W, 16W and 26W now and on Feb 25th 2008 in sizes 18W to 24W.
  • Chocolate is available in 12W, 14W18W, 24W and 26W now and on Feb 28th in sizes 16W, 20W and22W.
  • Emerald color its available now in all sizes 12W to26W except it’s backordered in 14W.

If you order now till Nov. 30th you can save $20 off orders of $100 or more by using the code AFF7PC10 when ordering! And you can find lots of beautiful full figure clothes in their outlet store. (Click on this dress’ picture and you’ll find a link to their Outlet to your upper right.) So you can really get the most for your money!

Glamour magazine cautions us about wearing shapeless dress attire. This women’s dress suit below is far from sack-like! I imagine you could order a near fitting size for curve hugging, or a slightly looser size for curve skimming. If you click on its picture you can shop for it at Womensuit online store. They have size charts that make that choice easy just below all their apparel’s descriptions. Most of their suits come in full figure sizes. Right now this one is available in all sizes 12SW to 26W.

Shop for this suit by clicking on its picture. If you buy anything from Womensuits between now and Sunday Nov 18th, use code NOVEMBER when ordering to get $20 off your order!

Ladies, Women's Special Occasion Beautiful Outfits (2455)

I kind of imagine one could swap the tie that comes with this dress suit with one on this page of the eMuesum store. I happen to have the Klimt The Kiss oblong silk scarf currently pictured there. It looks much nicer than the picture on that page. I was thinking the gold in it would make the subtle gold tone rhinestone in the above formal suit pop! Likewise the gold in the Irises Van Gogh silk scarf further down that same page.

All the women’s formal wear at womensuits is guaranteed to be the best prices you can find anywhere!

Glamour magazine

seems to offer style suggestions for full figure women in all their issues lately. And they have come out against the anorexic look throughout this year repeatedly too! A good read with heath info, beauty tips and some good articles most of the year too!

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