Saturday, May 05, 2007

Baby Phat plus size jeans and other baby phat clothes for plus size women!

In the past year I’ve been trying to dress better. Being a jeans and t-shirt woman, I was thrilled when I saw baby phat jeans. Here’s an example:

Bolt Wash Multi Stitch Cuff Jean

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But, for me, a single mother, and I expect other women, baby phat clothes are kind of pricey. Yet I did buy this, apart from the pretty baby phat cat, classic vest below. Now it’s even on sale!

Ice Water Crop Denim Vest

But I rationalized that by telling myself that I can wear this vest most summer days over my vast array of t-shirts I’ve been just a bit to large to wear for years! And it was off to a fresher summer for me!

Then there’s that silver blue baby phat cat on the back of those plus size jeans above! And if you just wanted to wear the baby phat cat, it’s all over their jewelry, which is inexpensive! Hey I’m beginning to like trendy plus size clothes. I even liked a baby phat purse I saw in the past couple of months. I’m not into handbags, I love pockets and hate having my hands full. But I’ve been checking out their site for a few months and I like their cute trendy plus size women’s clothes and accessories!

Then this site here makes a good point about why we women might want designer jeans.

A final reason, for me, to pick a pair of baby phat jeans for myself: A friend who happens to more often than not wear trendy plus size clothes was wearing a normal, full length pair of baby phat jeans. I asked her what she though of hers. She really likes them. Says they fit her backside great and she always gets compliments wearing them! Before I saw her wearing gaucho pants I never believed cropped or capri pants of any kind were doing short full figure women any favors. Now I know they look great on us petite plus size ladies!

It time I got a pair of plus size capri jeans. The silver blue baby phat cat wins me over. So far it’s the only pair of jeans I’ve seen by them with this lovely color.
Besides, these full figure jeans will go with my new pretty high heeled sandals my daughter and I are wild about. Ok those sandals are kind of sedate. Still, for a shy woman, those high heeled sandals and baby phat jeans, or are they Capri pants, mark great strides in an effort to dress better on my part.

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  1. I wasn't sure if Baby Phat's womens clothes were that stylish, but it sounds like they definitely are after reading this!