Friday, January 27, 2006

Fredericks Ladies sexy underwear is for Full figure women!

You’ve probably heard, read or even seen Fredericks of Hollywood’s lingerie store. And you may have noticed that they never use full figure women in pictures in their online or paper catalog, but they carry many styles in plus sizes. You may have been reluctant to try their underwear, plus size shapewear or lingerie.

I was. Then I saw exactly what I wanted in a pair of lace boy short, at a good price. The price was too good to not try it. This is their Lace Boy Panty. When I wrote about them here, I mentioned they are extremely comfy and wear well. As in the waist band does not roll. Although near thong like, they do not go up your backside.

I had no idea if I looked better in them. I see myself in the mirror about once a day brushing my teeth. I’m all for comfort. I have no time to spare and am not too concerned about the way I look. But having written about them I felt I should. As it turns out they do look a whole lot better than the undies I had been wearing! At least from the front! I figure I have a considerable gut protruding from just above the pelvis. So I figure almost nothing will make me look good from the side. But that actually looked a bit better too!

Another surprising thing about shopping Fredericks is these panties came with a prepaid return label. I called customer service, where it’s easy to talk to a human! Sure enough they assured me you can return panties to them, for any reason. I’m keeping mine. And I’m getting more. For $5 a pair with both comfort and good looks, what else would a girl do? Try some of their other styles that’s also what I’m planning to do. More later!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Chlorine resistant full figure women’s swimwear on sale this week

Are you plan on hitting the pool a lot this year to get, or stay, fit? You can get Juno’s high quality plus size chlorine resistant bathing suits and swim separates on sale this week. It’s just till Jan 27th. You can get them for 28% to 42% off now. See the top right side of this page! to find out how.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Sexy Italian high heeled dress sandals in wide widths

Need dress sandals to wear with your formal wear or pants suit? These ankle strap dress sandals come in Bronze, gold, silver and black. They have 3 inch heels. The heels and forefoot are designed to absorb shock. Wearer reviews of other shoes utilizing this manufacturer's patented high heeled shock absorbing design are impressive! Most reviews are enthused about this brands' comfort and great looks!

The ankle strap avoids your heel completely. Many women have very narrow heels, even when their forefoot is wide. Having the strap avoid the ankle keeps your heels blister free! The hand-woven Nappa leather uppers will adjust to your forefoot for a perfect, soft glove-like fit. If that is not enough, they are beautiful!

These sandals are made by “Oh! Shoes”. To read more about these stylish high heeled these dress sandals and where to find them and other women’s wide shoes by this footwear designer click here!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Avenue’s Final Clearance Sale!

You’ll find plus size women’s suit jackets at Avenue’s “Final Clearance Sale” right now. Like their unique Boucle suit jacket, and other suit jackets, currently all on page 4, there under “tops” in final clearance.

But all those sales items will be going fast. These and all the other business, casual and intimate clothing prices will be steadily reduced. One dollar a day till they reach $9.99. So the sale ends when the supply runs out. Some items are actually under$9.99 now!

So take advantage of these prices while they still have your size, in the event that they still do.

They have many new fresh, colorful and stylish spring plus size career wear outfits in now. Well worth checking out too!

Monday, January 09, 2006

Outerwear plus size sports bra, up to size 56G, now $9.99!!

Right now these sports bras are on sale at Just My Size’s online store. Find out more about them and the easy way to find them there here.

And if you want plus size fitness pants, or a jogging suit, now you’ll find soft fleece pants in sizes up to 40W at 42% off and matching jackets on sale at 37% off at Juno’s online store. See the banner below to your right to get there.

Do you have New Years resolution to get or stay fit? The active wear these stores carry will help you look and feel great while you’re working out. And at easy on your wallet prices!!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Fredericks Semi-Annual sale ends today

Well today is your last chance, till later in the year, to get excellent prices on Fredericks of Hollywood’s unique and sexy lingerie. Don’t think that just because you are a full figure woman they have nothing for you. Many of their bras, panties, corsets and other lingerie styles come in plus sizes. And all that do could easily make you feel and look sexy and beautiful.

Like their innovative Extreme Cleavage full figure bra. This bra has unique graduated removable push up pads which give lots of lift and support. But they do not add bulk! Right now these bras and available matching plus size thongs are on sale.

Tomorrow they may still be on sale, even after Fredericks’ semi-annual sale is over. I have seen many of their bras and panties have price breaks if you buy 2 or more all year.
But I’m pretty sure that the plus size corsets I mentioned last month, at often $10 off, will not be on sale tomorrow. I have watched some of them closely thorough out the year and they are rarely on sale.

If you are in the market for sexy lingerie or bra and panty sets, check out their lingerie sale today!!