Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Corsets and bustier for big beautiful women as evening wear, for casual dates and sexy lingerie of course

Many plus size corsets and bustier are suitable to wear as evening wear, casual wear. Fredericks or Hollywood carries a good selection of these, and so does Hips and Curves. You may have some parties to attend in the coming holiday months. If you have a gorgeous skirt and perhaps a jacket or shawl to go with it, why spend money on a formal outfit you’ll only wear for occasions. You can get an elegant, yet sexy, corset or bustier, you’ll have lingerie for the rest of the year as well!

If you are shopping at Fredericks of Hollywood, be sure to check out their sales now! Right now they have their Amazing Lace Panties on sale for $19 each when you buy two or more! As I prefer cotton, I doubled back to check to see if Hips and Curves had their cotton hipster on sale. No it’s still $14 each. I prefer cotton myself, but as one sweats less in the winter, it could be nice to save on the Amazing lace panties now! They both have the same advantages, out side of cotton versus nylon spandex.

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