Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A good source of washable, reasonably priced women’s suits up to size 26W, and Petite sizes up to 20P!

Well it’s taken a while, and a bit of looking around, but I finally found a good source of women’s suits. Figure flattering suits. Many of which are suitable for business and / or special occasions.

At Blair.com you can find flattering skirt and pants suits for as little as $15.99, less in petite sizes! You can read about one of their figure friendly pants suits.

Or check out the current shipping special here, at the top corner of this page!
They actually carry suits in sizes 8W to 26W and 6P to 20P. Or that’s the size range I found there so far.

You can view pictures of the swatches of fabric for each color their apparel comes in, by clicking on the “color / style” button next to most of the suit's pictures. That’s so much nicer than wondering what shade of “leaf” or some other color, an online store is talking about.

Before finding Blair, I kept finding ladies suits whose jackets stopped at the waist. Not figure flattering for many women I know.

I’m pretty impressed! It seems the top price for a women’s suit there is $49.99. At those prices, you could by several suits, and mix them with your existing separates and other suits. You'd be ready to dress for anything!

You’d just have to choose carefully. But their pictures of color swatches will make that easier. And their suits can be had for as little as $15.99. That makes it easier all around!


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