Sunday, July 21, 2013

Fantasie’s Rebecca Spacer Bras

These Fantasie bras won The Undies Judges’ Selection of Best Full Figure T-Shirt Bras for 2013!

You can get these highly rated, cooler for summer Fantasie Rebecca Spacer T-Shirt Bras, New with Tags, at Buy it Now prices at eBay stores! Today I am finding 154 of them starting at $25, (that one is a size 40E)!

Fantasie’s Rebecca bras normally cost $72 and come in sizes 30 - 36D to GG, 38D to G and 40D to FF, at Her Room, slightly less sizes at Bare Necessities. Her Room has them in the most sizes and colors and on sale in their purple color, for $39.95! Clicking on this bras picture below will take you to them at Her Room.



What is a Spacer Bra?

Spacer bras use a light weight, breathable foam cups which fit like a second skin. This is more comfortable in the warmer weather and the foam cups will mold to your own shape. Some other Spacer bras are Elomi’s Hermione bras, Chantelle’s Sublime bra collection and some of their C-Chic bras now come in spacer foam cup styles.

Such as this full cup C-Chic Chantelle bra style below at Her Room, who has these in the most colors, on sale in their red, this green below and violet colors, as well as orange, nude and black in sizes 30D to G, 32 – 36B to G, 38B – F and 40B to D.

This Chantelle bra style costs $68 full price and its sale colors, at Her Room, are $50.

Why Women Like the Rebecca Spacer Bras

25 of the 27 Curvy women who reviewed these bras at Bare Necessities give it a 4.5 Star. Most find it very supportive.

Of its total 51 reviews at Bare Necessities 20 say:

  • The straps style in place
  • 19 consider it High Quality and 
  • 16 feel this bra style is a wardrobe Must Have 
  • The majority feel the spacer padding of this style is very thin, adding no discernible cup size. 
 Reviewers at Her Room

Often comment on this style’s great:

  • Support
  • Fit
  • Comfort
  • Custom fit of it’s molding to your shape cups, The cups are thin enough to have some nipple show through on cold days, just so you know.
  • Dries quickly
  • Great Natural Shape
  • Holds everything in
  • Smooth 

So if these bras come in your size range, and you like the fit of Fantasie bras, this would be an excellent style to try.

I noticed it a while back when it first came out because I found it to be an exceptionally pretty for a T-Shirt bras. Apparently this bra goes way beyond visually beauty and if it came in my size I would love to try it!

Monday, July 15, 2013

BOGO 50% Off Ashley Stewart Fashions

Not only does Ashley Stewart have swimwear on sale for 60% Off, they have this BOGO 50% Off sale going, (which might be just today, not clear on this)! We can enjoy 9 under $25, 83 $25 - $50 and 4 $50 to $100 sale styles and get a second at 50% Off!

From their Under $25 BOGO 50% Off styles

This rayon / spandex shark bite tank would be a nice addition to any women’s summer wardrobe. Still available in sizes 12 – 26 in its sun struck yellow and this berry color, is available at this sale for $19.50!
 Shark Bite Tank

From Ashley Stewart’s $25 to $50 Sale Styles

Click on this faux leather shoulder / chiffon top and you will find it on sale at $34.50.
Faux Leather & Chiffon Hi lo Top

This, (just a picture below of), sheer black vest is on sale at the same price! Both are part of this BOGO 50% off event!

Both are available in sizes 12 – 26 and snapping up both would add to your business and casual wardrobes, for much less than usual!

1 of 4 $50 to $100 styles at this event

This dazzling Hi-lo dress is on sale for $59.50, but is down to sizes 14 – 22. This is a web exclusive style.
 Web Exclusive  Embellished Hi low Dress
You will also find:
  • a jumpsuit, Military style
  • a lace blouson dress with satin belt 
  • and a foil accent maxi dress 
in this price range at this Ashley Stewart event!

Strangely, the just above-mentioned four styles in this priciest size range appear to be the New Arrivals at Ashley Stewart now!

Sale VS New, Buy it Now eBay prices of Full Figure Bras

Figleaves is having their 15% off Customer Favs sale. This happens to include Fantasie’s Belle Balcony bras. A great example of what this post’s title is about.

Fantasie’s Belle Balcony Bras, on Sale VS eBay

Currently you can check out these bras on sale at Her Room, by clicking on their picture below, for $39.95. In Figleaves’ above-mentioned sale these bras in black, white and beige for $68, $70 in fashion colors. Or you can find 309 of them, new with tags, buy it now, (rather than bid), prices using this Fantasie Belle Bras at eBay storeslink, today starting at $18!


Change that eBay search to Fantasie Belle Balcony Bras and there are only 34, starting at $18!

More about Bras for much Less at eBay stores

You can read our Bras for Less article about it, where some specific eBay stores, one that I favor, are recommended.

The short of it is:
  • Try new styles at regular on line stores, then get your favorites among them at eBay stores, New with Tags, at Buy it Now prices, for a fraction of the price
  • That said, I was so confident of the fit of Elomi bras, that my 1st purchase of their Suzie bra was from an eBay store
  • Make sure you select New with Tags and Buy it Now prices from their left column menu. 
Those are the simple guidelines I use myself, and so have my favorite bra style in many colors. My budget could not afford this otherwise! Enjoy!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Picture a Marlies Dekkers Full Figure Bra

2 ways

This picture of Marlies Dekkers bra I had wrote about here  in April is from Plus Model Magazine's Facebook page. The same Marlies Dekkers bra on a full figure woman.

Seeing Full Figure Bras on Full Figure Women

Does the size and shape of a woman modeling a bra style matter to you?
Does it make it easier to visualize how it might look, and feel, on you?

Here is the same bra on a thinner woman.

How about You?

I prefer seeing full figure fashions and swimwear on a larger woman, to better gauge how it might fit and hang on me.
As far as bras and panties go, I can easily visualize it either way.

How about you?
If you have a chance, please comment here,
or on our Facebook page if you have a preference.

Q? Is Anyone interested in reading Synopses of Bra reviews?

As a big fan of good reviews, I like to use bra, and swimwear, reviews to narrow down my searches for these things. A while back I starting to include synopses of them in the articles I wrote about high rating bras, (and swimwear). Does anyone find this helpful?

In Bra Articles

Here are 2 examples of these articles about bras. Chantelle’s Rive Gauche bras and Curvy Kate’s Princess bras.

In Swimwear Articles

I also do this with plus size swimwear styles. Here is an example: Always for Me’s Tutti Frutti Tankini, which comes in sizes 16W to 26W.

The Reason I Ask This

I plan to be remaking or revamping, those two sites and was wondering if anyone found the synopses of bra and swimwear reviews in their articles useful.

Should I include them in future?

If you have an opinion about this, I would really appreciate
In the Comments here:
  • A simple Yes, No or more info
  • Such as what would be helpful in websites about full figure bras and swimwear, to YOU! 


Please feel free to communicate with me on twitter, or our: Facebook page about this or other bra, fashion or style issues, concerns and ideas.

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

25% Off Clearance Sale Primo Full Figure Bras

Lingerie & More!
Until 7/14/13 we can find premium clearance styles of full figure bras, DD+ bras and more on sale, with an additional 25% off available! The addition discount code, to use when you check out, is at each item.

These clearance sale styles include Prima Donna, Mimi Holliday, Curvy Kate, Panache, Freya, Fantasie, Chantelle, Wacoal and more!

Sizes are already limited, so it is likely best to use their shop by size option in their left column menu.

2 DD+ Bras available in more than 2 sizes!

Parisa Fe’s Geneva Demi cup bras, just $29, before the additional 25% off discount, and available in sizes 32 – 36D, 40DD and DDD, 42DDD and 42G!

Freya’s semi-sheer Untamed plunge bras are available in many sizes 30D – FF, 32C, E and G, 34C, DD and G and 38DD and E and are down to $46 before the additional discount!

I am finding 124 DD+ bras and 60 plus size bras at this sale at the moment.

Sizes are limited, so act fast to up the odds on finding exactly what you had in mind while it might be available in your size!

Regarding my Being Away post 

I am not exactly back from surgery yet.
You will find an explanation about this on our Facebook page post of 7/9/13.