Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Some In-stock Full Figure Bras I found that you can get at 25% Off!

Bigger Bras has a 25% off in-stock items, (see details to your right) discount going. Many of their bras and intimates are on sale and in stock! Here are some full figure and large cup bras I have found both in stock and on sale! le Mystere’s Dream Tisha Full Fit Bras on sale at $61.20 and in stock in sizes up to 32, 34, 36, 40, 42 and 44C to H, as well as 38D to F.
The lace-trimmed version is on sale, available in a good selection of sizes in stock too!
If you have ever wanted to try Fauve bras, but found them a bit too pricey, now they too are on sale and in stock in several styles! This one below is on sale at $48 and in stock in 32G, 34FF, 36DD, 38 and 40FF.
If you click on either of these pictures to go to Bigger Bras, then click on their top left corner it will take you to a page where you will see, in the left side of the page, the link for “In-Stock items in our outlet section are marked down 40% to 80%”
It also cautions that these low prices will not last. Well I realize that sales come and go. If you can stock up on your daily wear bras, and panties, or have an opportunity to try luxury intimates at sale prices, with a 25% discount on top of that…
This 25% off deal will be over soon. However, Bigger Bras always has a fine selection of plus size bras and large cup size bras, as well as panties and other intimates. They even have plus size corsets, the pretty lingerie style ones. As well as open cup teddies, baby dolls and shelf and chopper bras by Intimate Attitudes and Shirley of Hollywood.
This corset is in stock in sizes 46 to 50 in purple, royal and black colors. It is also in stock in 38 in purple, and you can backorder it in sizes 38 to 44.
Bigger Bras not only has truly helpful sizing info below each items description, they also have an excellent Fitting Help section, (see the top edge of their pages for its link), with a handy Bra Size Comparison chart! It takes a lot of the guess work out of trying brands you might be curious about!
They also have a free shipping deal good until 12/29! Just use code freeship when you place an order of $25 or more

Monday, October 26, 2009

Knicker’s Americas denial of Larger Cup Bras has some good news for us full figured, and makes some good points!

Just from the title alone, I had to read it. A few years ago, just as I had found my first right bra size, where the underwires lay nice and flat between my breasts, some ladies I was walking up to school with stated plainly that there is no need for a cup size over DD. As these were, and still are, fond acquaintances of mine, I simply shied away for a bit.

Now I find, Thanks to Knicker’s blog article Americas denial of Larger Cup Bras , that at least retailers in the US are changing their perspective! Retailers like Kohls, J. C. Penny and Target are revamping their lingerie lines, launching new labels, and even offering FITTING SERVICES. Perhaps with the addition of fitting services these stores will notice, should they take feed back from their fitters, that quite often a large cup size rather than band size is needed for some women to get a proper fit!

No mention made of if these stores will start carrying bras from DD to K cup sizes, but still, one can hope!

Then they point to many people’s misconceptions of larger cup sizes. Showing a very crummy, (o-kay, insulting), video that has been passed around as an email forward. Well insulting to women who wear over a D cup size. This could not help us one bit.

Then just below it they show just how normal, not at all fat, or outlandish, a woman who wears a DD cup size, in profile, looks like. And this, is pretty much, well with the exception of a larger waist and bit of a tummy, is what my torso’s profile looks like, wearing a properly fitting bra,. My Panache Super Tango II, in a size, now 34J, gives me just the same nice, even, not exaggerated bust profile, and it is not even a minimizer bra!

If I wear the wrong cup size, smaller does it, it does look like the cartoon video’s larger, DD and E examples, except with the double boob effect.

Knicker’s blog feels that if they keep telling women about larger cup bras and lingerie, women will realize that these are real, not mutant sizes.

Have I taken the time to check out Kohls, Pennies and Target for large cup bras. No. I haven’t the time yet. Right now, I am sticking to shopping on line for my bras.

This week, until 10/31, Bigger Bras’ 25% off your order of $100 in stock merchandise, (use code 25togo), makes shopping on line for full figure bras and lingerie even more affordable. If you have to backorder what you want, they have a free shipping deal good until 12/29, (using code freeship).

This is the Panache bra I mentioned above at Bigger Bras, currently in stock in some sizes at $31.20 and $46.80. You can backorder it in a multitude of sizes, up to 30 = 40D to K, 42DD to J and 44D to FF, on sale at $46.80.


You can rely on Bigger Bras for a good selection of plus size and large cup bras

Shopping on line for bras is great once you know your bra size. You may even be able to get a fitting at a department store near you by now!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

2 hour 50% Off Plus Size Dresses, Jeans & Tops Sale at Baby Phat Today!

Today, between 12:30 pm and 2:30 pm EST, you will find select plus size dresses, plus size dresses, jeans, T-shirts and blouses at 50% off! These are full priced items at 50% off!
During the sale this camo-belted, bat-winged dress will be $30
Shop Baby Phat
This dog-tag camo halter blouse will be just $20!
Shop Baby Phat
Just click on any of these Baby Phat fashions to go to their site.
They also have lots of plus size dresses at $20 - $60, in their regular sale section. You will find tops, jeans, pants, as well as some skirts, jackets and shorts in their regular sale section now too!
I tried this 100% rayon blouse, now just $20, and still available in sizes 1XL and 2XL. It is SO VERY SOFT!
Shop Baby Phat
I have this logo cat accented, shirred t-shirt. It is 90% cotton and 10% spandex. It too is incredibly soft and light. Now this is in their sale section for just $20, but only in size 2XL.
Shop Baby Phat
They have 4 plus size swimsuits on sale too. You will find them in their regular priced items, rather than in their sale section

Get 25% off Full Figure and Large Cup Bras, Swimwear and Intimates

Until 10/31/09 you can get 25% off your order of $100 at Bigger Bras! They have a wide selection of plus size and large cup bras, as well as large cup size swimwear, plus size lingerie and other intimates. This offer is good on in stock items. These highly rated Elomi full figure bras below are in stock in some large cup sizes and many plus sizes up to 44H, 46E and 48DD. While Elomi’s new plunge full figure bras are in stock in lots of band and large cup sizes!
To take advantage of this discount is to note the 25% off code 25togo then click on this bra’s picture above to go to Bigger Bras, shop for in stock items and use the code when checking out.
Their free shipping offer is good for purchases of $25 or more, until 12/29/09. Just use code freeship when checking out to take advantage of this offer.
Bigger Bras has a wide selection of every day and luxury full figure and full busted bras, panties as well as plus size corsets, bridal bras and bustier and shapewear.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thank you Plus Size Ashley!

Plus Size Ashley commented on our post of 10/6/09 regarding Bali’s popular Satin Tracings full figure bras coming in large cup bra sizes D to G in band sizes up to 44! Plus Size Ashley says she wears a similar one by Ashley Stewart. She did not say which one; I find they have a strapless and regular shoulder strap version of their Butterfly Bras. You can watch this video about them!

These bras have a unique double back band, which should really boost support, they say it smooth back fat too. These bras have graduated push-up gel pads for shaping. These are underwire bras, unfortunately they seem to only come in a small array of sizes 38 to 44D to DDD.

Thank you Plus Size Ashley for pointing Ashley Stewart’s bras out to me, I like their career wear section too!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Freya's Clarissa Large Cup Bras in a new black print

Freya’s Clarissa large cup bras now come in a black print, and in large cup sizes up to 38J! Bravissimo has the better selection and price now. You can find their link in this page’s right column. If you click on this bra’s picture below, you will find it at Figleaves, just choose black to see which sizes are available in this fuller cup size range. Or select View all Freya bras, at their page’s lower right to see these full figure bras, for $10 less, in sizes up to 30FF, 32, 34, 36 and 38D to G.

These bras are getting excellent ratings for fit, comfort, appearance and value so far.
You will also find Freya and Fantasie full figure bras on sale at Figleaves, as well as other new styles!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

2 reasons why I can’t wait to get down to a G cup!

If I can get down to a GG cup size I could fit into Elomi’s new deeply plunging, smooth, seamless full figure bras you see below. If I can get down to a G cup I’d fit their new Demi-cup underwire bra, which is the 2nd bra down pictured on our intimates page today.
To shop this plunge bra at a 10% off discount, note the Bigger Bras discount code to your right, then click on this bra’s picture.
To read its excellent reviews go to Her Room, either by using the text link in the 1st sentence of this post, then take its picture in that page’s right column that tells you it goes to Her Room. Or use the Her Room banner in this blog’s right column and you will find it under Elomi bras.
Bigger Bras dose not carry the Demi-cup bra, but so far it has 2 all five star reviews at Her Room, from women who wear 42FF and 46F bras. It comes in sizes 36, 38 and 40D to G, 42D to FF and 44D to F.
As to why I might get down to a G cup without even trying, check out today’s Fitting in Fitness post, A Dog Keeps you Moving, even when you are Sick!.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Bali Satin Tracing Full Figure Bras, in G cup sizes, and now just $15

I did not know any Bali Bras, like the popular Satin Tracings full figure underwire minimizer bras, came in G cup sizes! They do now! Just My Size has them in sizes 36, 38, 40, 42 and 44C to G cup sizes as well as in sizes up to 46, 48 and 50C to DDD, today for just $15. I know Bali Bras are often on sale at Just My Size, but I do not know how long this one lasts. These, now large cup bras, are also on sale at Her Room and Bare Necessities, but the Bare Necessities sale will be gone by tomorrow. Just My size has them in the best size ranges anyway.
Just My Size has them in 5 colors at just $14.99 now. You can click on this picture to shop them at this fantastic price.

I used to wear these until I gained enough weight to figure out: No, the band is too big, and yet the cups are too small…hum? Must be I have the wrong size.
Before I gained all that weight these Satin Tracing bras were among my favorites. I also did not know that bras came larger than E cup sizes…
Live and learn!
Bare Necessities, Her Room and Just My Size carry this Bali bra in cup sizes up to G, but Just My Size still has the best size selection, and today the best price!

Monday, October 05, 2009

Another great Plus Size Clothing Money Saver that ends tomorrow!

Not only does Bare Necessities 20 – 30% off plus size large cup bras and intimates sale end tomorrow, 9/6, but Avenue’s 25% off your first and 30% off your second item, when you buy 3 items discount end tomorrow as well! They have lots of new women’s suit and career styles like this Ponte motorcycle jacket and skirt below, as well as many plus size dresses for daily wear and special occasions.
This jacket comes in black and dark brown, the skirt in both colors and charcoal grey, both come in sizes 14W o 32W.
Avenue Plus Size Ponte Motorcycle Jacket
I am sorry about getting the Bare Necessities sale as 30 – 50% off, when it is 20 - 30% off. This could be one of the perils of posting while sick. As it turned out Friday night and Saturday, I was still sick and feverish. Just in case I still am, use the banner below to check out Avenue offer and note the code given before you shop.

Save on Avenue Plus Size Clothing

Avenue’s Body section has plus size bras, panties, shapewear and lingerie you can apply this offer to as well!

Friday, October 02, 2009

30 – 50% Off Large Cup Bras, Plus Size Panties, Shapewear and more!

Bare Necessities is having a 5 day sale, today until 10/6/9, on the above mentioned intimates! They have Fantasie’s Anna large cup bras on sale in balck and honey for $48 and white for $42!

As well as Panache’s Ariza full busted bras at 20, 30 and 41% off, varies by color, in sizes up to 30 & 32K, 34JJ, 36 & 38J and 40E to H.

While Her Room Still has Bare Necessities prices beat on the Panache Super Tango II bras and Panache Harmony bras, Just click on their pictures in the previous post of 9/30/09, still available in lots of sizes too!
But Bare Necessities has plenty of other full busted bras at this sale too!

Now that it is cool enough to even think of wearing shapewear
For me it would be an advantage, as I have sweaters, but no wind breaking jackets as yet!

They also have plus size panties by Bali, Panache, Elomi and shapewear by Dr Rey, Cass, Bali, Panache, Body Wrap, Barely There and more!
Like this Miraclesuit extra-firm high waist, long leg plus size shapwear style
at 20% off in sizes 1X to 5X, in black and nude colors.

So take advantage of the savings while the sale and sizes in stock last!